The Independent launches campaign to promote “agenda-free" journalism

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by Mark Johnson

London-based newspaper The Independent has launched a subscription-driven campaign, focused on championing the need for reliable, "agenda-free" journalism at a time of great political uncertainty. 

The campaign, delivered by behavioural communications agency HeyHuman, will culminate at The People’s Vote Let Us Be Heard March, where thousands are set to take to the streets to demand a second referendum on Brexit. 

Brand awareness

HeyHuman has been tasked with raising brand awareness for The Independent and encouraging people to subscribe to The Independent Premium by leveraging the publication’s Final Say campaign, which champions the need for a second referendum now that people can make a better informed choice, however they vote. 

The aim is to position The Independent as the definitive free-thinking news platform, which invites conversation rather than rhetoric.

Informed campaign: The Indy aims for reliability amid political uncertainty

Multimedia campaign

The campaign begins today (3 October), with a pre-march press, digital and social campaign which uncovers the ‘unheard voices’ of Brexit – the real people whose views and opinions have not yet been heard. 

The digital campaign features people holding handwritten Brexit views, opinions, and stories on branded boards.

The opinions represent a diverse range of powerful, enlightening and thought-provoking views of Britain’s EU membership however, they will all have one thing in a common; the desire for a final say. 

The Independent will also have a presence at the march itself, with staff on the ground handing out blank placards and providing mobile banner-making stations. 

Additionally a branded front-of-march banner will be held by a section of The Independent's journalists. 

The Independent will look to capitalise on the buzz of the march with teams primed to sell subscription and follow-up comms packages to attendees.

“There has never been a greater need for agenda-free and trustworthy journalism, which invites conversation instead of offering rhetoric”, said Katrina Broster, head of consumer marketing at The Independent. 


“Brexit has proved one of the most divisive issues of our time, and regardless of how people voted in the referendum, we believe that everyone deserves a say on the final deal. 

“HeyHuman’s campaign will remind readers of the unique USP of The Independent by providing a platform for the unheard and unexpected voices and opinions of Brexit.” 

Liz Richardson, managing partner at behavioural communications agency HeyHuman added: “The Brexit debate has left the nation divided with people pigeonholed as either one thing or the other. 

“In reality, people’s beliefs are far more nuanced. This campaign is not only about championing the balanced view The Independent always strives to offer, it’s about giving a voice to the real people whose views and opinions have not yet been heard.”

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