Buyagift launches campaign to reduce-waste at Christmas

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by Mark Johnson

Popular experience gift company Buyagift has launched a campaign today encouraging the public to shop consciously and sustainably this Christmas.

The initiative is part of an effort to reduce the impact festive traditions are having on the planet. 

Tinsel and crackers

With over 117,000 tonnes of plastic packaging going un-recycled in the UK at Christmas, not to mention the tinsel, baubles, crackers and unwanted gifts that end up in land-fill every year, Buyagift is on a mission to minimise the waste the UK produces through unwanted presents, plastic packaging, surplus food and non recyclable wrapping paper and decorations this Christmas. 


Christmas meesage: Buyagift is working with key influencers on Christmas campaign

Sustainability influencers

The company is working with key influencers in the sustainability space that include Natalie Glaze, Signe Hansen and the Zero Waste Doc (aka Natalie Davis), to create informative and actionable content that will help educate the public on how to forgo wasteful practices this Christmas.

“As an experience gift company, we’re well placed to lead the way when it comes to encouraging a culture of thoughtful and sustainable gifting”, Dan Mountain, Buyagift’s CEO, said. 

“None of our gifts can end up in land-fill, meaning their environmental impact is minimal compared to material products. 

“We’ve got a brilliant long-term partnership with Cool Earth, who offset four times the amount of carbon produced by our experiences. 

“This means customers can be confident their purchase isn’t going to negatively impact the planet.

“When it comes to sustainability, the time is now. That’s why we’ve launched a minimal waste Christmas campaign: to educate the public on the many ways they can reduce the waste they’re producing over Christmas, so the festive season is both joyful and sustainable. 

“We’re not just encouraging thoughtful gifting, but thoughtful shopping, cooking and living. We’re putting on a Sustainable Christmas Market in December to help the public discover other incredible brands trailblazing new ways to live and shop with a conscience. 

“We’re committed to making a difference, and recognise the responsibility we have to our planet.”

Cool Earth: Saving the planet isn't just for Christmas, but an all year-round task

Matthew Owen, Director at Cool Earth, said: "Cool Earth’s partnership with Buyagift is helping its customers to take positive climate action, all-year-round. 

“By helping to protect rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon with Cool Earth, Buyagfit is helping the Asháninka to protect over 61,000 hectares and store over 10,000,000 tonnes of carbon. 

“And this Christmas, Buyagift is going even further; changing consumer behaviours from the environmentally damaging, to ones that are driving positive change.

"Cool Earth works to protect some of the world’s most endangered rainforest from a range of threats by taking a ground-up approach with indigenous and local communities.

"From empowering local communities to protecting carbon-storing trees right around the tropics, Buyagift’s campaign is ensuring the future of Earth’s rainforest is a green one. 

“It’s brilliant that such a well-known brand is making such a conscious effort to make a difference."

London Christmas market

Buyagift’s Sustainable Christmas Market will take place on Sunday 1 December at Core Clapton, East London. 

It will bring together the UK’s most exciting sustainable brands and innovators, for free minimal-waste workshops and a unique opportunity to shop from leading brands who are trailblazing new ways to live and give sustainably. 

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