TUC launch new "working class family" campaign

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by Josh Hall

The umbrella union the TUC has launched a new video campaign focusing on working class families.

The social spot features a range of different working class individuals stating some of their traits and concerns.

The voiceover repeats the phrase "we are a working class family", culminating with the line "we are a union family."

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The campaign is part of a push by the TUC to demand an end to discrimation against working class people in the workplace.

Speaking at the body's annual convention today, its head Frances O'Grady said that companies should be legally required to report pay discrepancies between workers from different class backgrounds.

She said: “I want to issue a challenge to politicians. It’s high time we outlawed discrimination against working-class people. Let’s change the law and stamp out class prejudice once and for all.”

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