Matt Berry fronts hilarious 1970s TV-themed charity giving campaign

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by Mark Johnson

Remember A Charity, a consortium of over 200 charities including NSPCC, WWF and many others, has developed a tongue-in-cheek comedic play on classic television from the 1970s.

Atomic London

The amusing and nostalgic campaign is the creation of creative agency, Atomic London and BAFTA award winning comedian Matt Berry.

Each content piece has been meticulously styled to evoke original shows of the 70s. 

Fronted by a uniquely ‘of the time’ show host, desperately trying to keep his show on track as a variety of viewers call in with their opinion of gifts in Wills, each derailing the host’s original subject matter. 

One video features Berry channelling BBC comedian and presenter, Barry Took, who presented iconic BBC viewers’ letters show, Points of View show, from 1979 until 1986.

Remember A Charity - "Points of You"

Points of You: Atomic's charity campaign goes back to the 70s and 80s

Charity giving via wills

The campaign is to promote ‘Remember A Charity Week’, an annual event that runs this year from 9 September and encourages people to consider leaving a gift in their Will to charity. 

The films will run during the build up to the event, throughout the week itself and also live as social and online content after the event.

“It’s been a lot of fun to bring a 1970/80s TV show back to life for Remember A Charity”, Matt Berry said. 

“Working with a team of passionate experts, it’s been a pleasure to have the freedom to create something as authentic and true to the time as this content series. 

“It should truly bring a familiar smile to the faces of those that remember these classic shows portrayed and mentioned. 

“More importantly, I hope it will also help some of the amazing causes Remember A Charity work with.”

Rob Cope, Director of Remember A Charity said, “We were delighted to work with Atomic to deliver our most entertaining campaign yet. 

“Being able to work with talent of the calibre of Matt Berry has enabled us to talk about gifts in Wills in a whole new way, bringing nostalgic humour into our work in a way that we believe will really make our audience take notice. We look forward to seeing the results!”

Guy Bradbury, Creative Partner at Atomic London added “We wanted to create a campaign that would truly resonate with our older target audience, something that would take them right back to the shows they remember fondly from their younger days. 

“Having the unique privilege of working with a BAFTA award winning actor and talent like Matt Berry has been an incredible opportunity to turn what could be seen as a dry subject matter into something that our audience will remember forever.”

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