Gaviscon targets millennials with 'kebab flavoured frozen yoghurt'

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by Josh Hall

Gaviscon has unveiled a new 'innovation hub', developing radical new solutions for heartburn.

The tongue-in-cheek campaign is aimed at millennials and Gen Z, and sees the Night Labs project develop new ways to stop common heartburn triggers.

These include fat-free, takeaway-flavoured frozen yoghurt, and 'fast food patches' - "an entire meal in one tasty, adhesive sticker".

The innovations are delivered in '80s-inspired films created by Havas London, who were also responsible for last year's D&AD-winning 'Go On' brand platform launch for Gaviscon.

Charlotte Schloesing, Marketing Director at Gaviscon owner RB, said: “Our new Night Labs campaign reprises the ‘Go On’ brand platform, attitude and distinctive visual identity – geared specifically toward young adults – we debuted last year. It’s not just that this demographic tends to ignore symptoms of heartburn and indigestion and rarely embraces a serious solution, but also the fact that 75% of consumers remain loyal to their first form of treatment. We’re determined to show this younger audience that Gaviscon has them covered when heartburn and indigestion strike – enabling them to go on with their fun times.”

Elliot Harris, Deputy Executive Creative Director at Havas London, added: “The journey Gaviscon has been on creatively is remarkable. To see such distinctive, playful work in what has traditionally been quite a functional category shows a brand full of confidence.”