Desperados throw "world's largest crowdsourced party"

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by Josh Hall

Beer brand Desperados has thrown a 'crowdsourced party', based on ideas secured by fans and partygoers on Twitter.

The company partnered with clubbing brand Elrow and DJ Skream to create what they say was the "most welcoming house party", held at new London venue Magazine.

Desperados conducted research to discover partygoers' priorities and frustrations. They found that 74 per cent of people think that partying unites them, while 84 per cent of millennials said they felt welcome in London.

Amongst the frustrations, 77 per cent cited long queues for drinks, and 72 per cent spilling their drink on the floor.

Meanwhile 64 per cent mentioned poor acoustics, and 62 per cent grumpy security.

To tackle these frustrations, Desperados used tech-enabled solutions including an eight-armed barman to serve drinks quickly, and a robotic, hands-free 'Desperados arm' to prevent drinks being spilled.

The ideas were dreamt up by consumers using the #WeAreTheParty hashtag.

Other ideas on the hashtag included a haptic suit to allow hearing-impaired clubbers to 'feel the music', and a friendly grandmother called the 'Grime Gran' who greeted partygoers in place of conventional security.

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