China’s TCL hires Fearlessly Frank for smartphone campaign

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by Mark Johnson

Innovation Consultancy, Fearlessly Frank, has helped China-based electronics firm TCL to launch its own global mobile brand.

The first work included developing the Chinese firm’s creative communications strategy and inaugural brand campaign, ‘DISPLAY GREATNESS’.

TCL is one of the leading display manufacturers globally and the second largest TV manufacturer in the world. 

For nearly 20 years, the company has manufactured and distributed mobile devices around the world, mostly under the Alcatel brand and more recently the BlackBerry and Palm brands. 

With the announcement of TCL PLEX, this is the first time TCL Mobile is entering the smartphone market under its own brand.

Displaying greatness: TCL's new ad from Fearlessly Frank

Fearlessly Frank has worked with TCL Mobile since its inception; from the development of its business strategy to product development and branding, and created the ‘DISPLAY GREATNESS’ campaign which will run across film, digital and print.

DISPLAY GREATNESS is a philosophy, a mantra and a call-to-action for consumers to share whatever makes them great and inspiring to others, the London-based innovation agency said. 

The campaign features a diverse range of human stories which will be shared across various medias and formats including global brand films, social content and print/digital media. 

The campaign aims to make DISPLAY GREATNESS a life-affirming brand message that is as relevant to TCL users as it is to the company itself. 

“TCL’s heritage and expertise as a global technology manufacturer and pioneer of home entertainment gives them a unique perspective on the world of mobile” said Ben Little, Founder and CEO, Fearlessly Frank. 

“We’re honoured to have worked alongside TCL to create a standout smartphone brand that not only delivers something fresh and relevant, but also makes the most of TCL’s three decades of experience in display and entertainment technology.”

Stefan Streit, General Manager Global Marketing, TCL Communications, commented: “The focus of this campaign, and TCL Mobile in general, is weighted more towards display than the more usual ‘capture’ messaging adopted by competitor brands. 

“This is because TCL believes that it is through not just capturing, but celebrating and sharing moments of personal greatness, that you unlock their true power, which is to inspire others. 

“Fearlessly Frank identified this and helped us translate it into a unique vision.”

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