Adam&eveDDB creates provocative bike safety campaign for Highways England

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by Mark Johnson

A thought provoking new campaign aimed at reducing the number motorbike accidents in the UK has been created by adam&eveDDB for Highways England.

Motorbikes make up less than 1% of road traffic but account for more than 20% of serious and fatal vehicle casualties in the UK, the London-based agency said.

Taking control

To address this stark statistic adam&eveDDB and Highways England have created a new campaign encouraging motorcyclists to take control of their own safety by taking as much care of their own bodies, as they do their beloved bikes.

Bike shop with a twist 

The campaign focuses on the launch of a brand-new “bike parts” shop but, instead of bike parts, the shop stocks prosthetics used in surgery to repair the body after a crash.

The ‘BikerTek’ parts shops, produced in partnership with Haygarth, have appeared at 13 motorcycling events, festivals and cafés around the country throughout the summer.

Bike parts or body parts? 

The ‘parts’ in the shop looked like high-end bike parts, but on closer inspection were in fact medical implants you may need if undergoing major surgery following an accident.

The shops were all staffed by real bikers who had survived accidents and had prosthetic parts fitted as a result, so they could talk to bikers about the tactics and skills required to avoid accidents.

Body works: New campaign features titanium implants as 'bike parts' to educate bikers on safety

Adam&eveDDB created an online film showing the unsuspecting bikers’ reactions when they find out what the parts in the shop are really for. 

The film ends with the strapline ‘Bikes repair easier than bikers’.

Online film 

The online film will be shared by influential bikers and biking groups throughout England in September this year and is supported by a series of press ads in biker magazines including MCN Motorcycle News, Ride, Bike, Practical Sportsbikes and Classic Bike. 

The campaign has also been covered by broadcasters such as BBC South-East, ITV Meridian, Brighton Latest TV and BBC Radio Sussex.

“While motorbikes account for less than 1% of vehicles on UK roads, more than  20% of all serious injuries and fatalities happen to motorcyclists”, Annemarie Hennessy, Head of Marketing and Events at Highways England, said. 

“In addition to raising awareness through BikerTek, we are encouraging riders to attend advanced riding courses such as BikeSafe and Biker Down run by the emergency services, plus those from the Institute of Advanced Motorists and RoSPA.”

Mike Stern, Managing Partner at adam&eveDDB, said: “Bike safety campaigns tend to use shock tactics, but that approach can often miss the mark. 

“We wanted bikers to be as passionate about their safety as they are about their bikes. With BikerTek, we were able to engage bikers in new way and talk to them directly about an issue they can’t afford to ignore.”