TBWA\London create new LGBTQI+ campaign for Naz and Matt Foundation

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by Josh Hall

TBWA\London have partnered with an anti-homophobia charity to develop a social awareness campaign around LGBTQI+ children.

The #OutAndProudParentsDay campaign aims to support parents who are having difficulty coming to terms with their children's LGBTQI+ identities.

It consists of a series of films featuring mothers and fathers 'coming out' as parents of LGBTQI+ children, explaining that they are proud of them.

The Naz and Matt Foundation is a charity that tackles "religion-induced homophobia."

The campaign launched today, 30 July - the anniversary of the day on which Matt's fiance Naz took his own life after being confronted about his sexuality by his religious family.

Naz and Matt Foundation’s founder, Matthew Mahmood-Ogston, said: “Five years on from losing Naz, we are thankful to TBWA\London for helping us give this tragic moment a more positive meaning. We hope this day will establish itself as an annual event that will help support parents struggling to understand or accept their LGBTQI+ children.

“'Coming out’ to parents is one of the hardest things any LGBTQI+ person will ever have to do. Parents with traditional conservative views or strong religious beliefs often lack the right information and positive guidance to understand what it truly means to be LGBTQI+.

“We are encouraging parents, who are already accepting and proud of their LGBTQI+ children, to ‘come out’ and share their stories publicly with the hashtag #OutAndProudParentsDay. We hope this will positively inspire other parents who may so far be struggling on their journey to find acceptance.”