McCann marks tennis history's greatest moments in Wimbledon poster campaign

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by Josh Hall

McCann London has created a poster campaign launched during yesterday's Wimbledon Finals day.

The 'Some Stories Live Forever' campaign marks the achievements of three tennis greats, merging their stories with historical news stories.

The campaign features Althea Gibson, Arthur Ashe, and Martina Navratilova, aiming to tell their Wimbledon stories in a way that inspires a new generation of tennis enthusiasts.

The posters were on display exclusively at Wimbledon station during yesterday's Finals day.

Commenting on the campaign, McCann London creative directors Alexei Berwitz and Rob Webstersaid: “History isn’t a static timeline that stops at the present day. It’s an ever-evolving collection of stories. Every moment that we think of as 'history' was once thrillingly current and new. Nowhere is this more evident than Wimbledon and the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

"Their story began in 1877 and they’ve been making newspaper headlines ever since; sharing coverage with the launch of Sputnik, the tumbling of the Berlin Wall and other great moments of human endeavor. And as new championships throw up new heroes and new stories, they’ll continue to do so.

These beautifully designed, era-specific posters bring these insights to life, by staying true to craft of the periods they portray. Because at Wimbledon and in life, Some Stories Live Forever.”

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