Government 'to spend £100 million on no-deal Brexit advertising'

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by Josh Hall

The government is gearing up to launch the largest domestic information campaign since World War II, as preparations for a no-deal Brexit intensify.

The Telegraph reports that new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered a huge advertising blitz across the UK to ensure that the nation is prepared to leave the EU without a deal.

Trade minister Conor Burns told Radio 4's Westminster Hour: ‘Showing that we are aggressively preparing, showing that the Treasury Hammond gloom is behind us and the Treasury are financing the preparations for no-deal is the best way for us to approach our European partners and say, “look we want a deal and let’s get back round the table and let’s sort this out”.

Johnson has insisted that the UK will leave the EU on 31 October come what may.

But there is uncertainty about how he will get Parliament to agree. The government has an arithmetical majority of just one.

There has been speculation that Johnson could order Parliament be suspended in order for him to force through his government's wishes.

But these plans have been widely and furiously criticised, with MPs and peers calling them deeply undemocratic.