Cycling brand Le Col launches interactive DOOH campaign for Tour de France

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by Josh Hall

As sports fans prepare for the start of the Tour de France, British cycling brand Le Col has unveiled a new interactive DOOH campaign to celebrate the event.

The campaign aims to rank counties within the UK based on their cycling activities, with the leaderboards displayed on digital billboards.

Cycling enthusiasts are asked to log their rides with social workout app Strava. Rankings are generated from this data, with results broken down by area.

The data is then dynamically displayed on Clear Channel DOOH spaces around the UK, with riders able to see in real-time how their area is faring.

In the two days since the challenge launched, riders have already logged over a million rides consisting of more than 500,000 kilometres in the UK alone.

100,000 of those kilometres were recorded in London, with Hampshire and West Yorkshire following with 17,000 kilometres each.

Commenting on the campaign, Le Col founder and former pro-cyclist Yanto Barker said: “Cycling brings out the competitive nature in people, whether it’s going faster or further than the riders you meet on the road. That’s why we wanted to give people a new way to interact with the stats from their ride. This July, riders across the UK can represent their local area and go head to head with other regions.

"Over the past year, over 1.2 million cyclists have signed up to our Strava Challenges, so the Tour Challenge, along with our live billboards, will prove once and for all who the best and most active cyclists in the country are”.

Richard Bon, Clear Channel’s Managing Director added: “Campaigns like the Le Col Challenge are a delight to see on our streets. As an avid cyclist myself, It’s great to see a brand encouraging millions of people to get on their bikes throughout July.

"The innovative use of Strava data, combined with a bit of competitive spirit and local pride, is a masterclass on how to use Out of Home to its optimum.”

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