Cut Media creates stunning cycling film with Geraint Thomas for Continental Tyres

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by Mark Johnson

Continental Tyres has released a film celebrating its partnership with Geraint Thomas, the reigning champion of the world’s most famous cycling race, The Tour de France.

Cut Media has created a 90-second film following Continental brand ambassador Geraint Thomas as he descends a mountain at a breathtaking speed. 

Filming took place on the iconic Route de Thorenc, in the Southern Alps, known as one of the best driving roads in Europe. 

Road closed off

A 4km stretch of the road was closed off to allow Geraint total freedom on the mountain. 

The Descent: Continental took Thomas to the Alpine mountain

Using tracking cameras, drone footage and “on board” filming, the crew followed Geraint on a thrilling alpine descent, highlighting his confidence in both his riding ability and his equipment, including his Continental Tyres. 

Raw video

The film runs without any soundtrack or voiceover, just the raw natural sounds of the gears, brakes and tyres to allow the viewer to get as close as possible to Geraint’s own experience when attacking a descent at speed.

The film ends with him driving back up the mountain in a car – also fitted with Continental Tyres – and the endline: “Riding or driving. Feel confident with Continental.”

“The incredible backdrop of Route de Thorenc offered us the rare and special opportunity to give viewers a first-hand perspective of Geraint’s riding talent”, said Scott Marshall, director of the campaign for Cut Media. 

“We wanted the film to feel as real as possible, so focused a lot of the creative approach on a powerful natural sound design.”

Shorts for social

As well as the 90-second film, Cut Media has also created two 30-second versions and shorter edits and stills to run across social media platforms. 

Cut Media’s “Feel confident with Continental” content is part of a suite of Feel Confident materials, which will appear this summer, including further films and a VR experience.

“It’s important for brands like Continental to create content that stands out from the crowd”, Scott continued. “Developing platform specific pieces which Continental can share across their channels can really help boost a campaign and maximise audience reach." 

Geraint Thomas said: "It was a great opportunity to have the closed-roads freedom usually reserved for racing, on an incredible mountain descent whilst showing the importance of great tyre choice. 

“Seeing the final film was amazing - the guys did an incredible job pulling it all together.”

Geraint Thomas has been an ambassador for Continental Tyres since 2018.

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