RBS targets millennials with first Spotify campaign

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by Josh Hall

Royal Bank of Scotland has launched its first campaign on Spotify as part of its continued efforts to appeal to millennials and Gen Z.

The 'Easy Wins' campaign features beauty entrepreneur Tammy Koslowski explaining the tools she uses to keep on top of her banking and finances.

The campaign is supported by research conducted by RBS that found that a third of all 25-34 year olds are struggling with their finances. RBS head of user experience Kristen Bennie explained that the ad is intended to highlight tools available from the bank to help younger people easily manage their money.

She said: “The advert has been created to show that we understand daily life can be overwhelming, but the Royal Bank is constantly exploring new tools to make it simpler.

"Whether that is using your banking app to temporarily freeze all use of your credit cards at those horrible moments when you think you’ve lost your wallet, or to use our new Aggregator app which lets you see all of your banking activity in one place at the touch of a button, we’re working hard to help make life easier for customers.”

The 'Easy Wins' campaign will run as paid ads delivered to free-tier Spotify users.

Last week Spotify launched a new tool allowing advertisers to target users based on the podcast listening habits.

Previously, targeting was only available based on music listening history.

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