Mobile provider Smarty challenges 'British reserve' in new hidden camera ad

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by Josh Hall

Budget mobile operator Smarty has launched a new ad featuring shoppers caught on hidden cameras.

The spot sees customers visit a corner shop emblazoned with signs encouraging them to ask for a discount. Hidden cameras track shoppers as they decide whether to take the advice on the signs or simply pay the advertised price.

Those who don't eventually find that the shopkeeper himself is also wearing a t-shirt demanding that they ask for a lower price.

Created by agency Gravity Road, the ad aims to challenge everyday Brits to negotiate the best deal, supporting Smarty's "simple, honest mobile" brand promise.

Voiceover for the spot comes from voice actor Dave Lamb, best-known for his work as the narrator on Channel 4's Come Dine With Me.

Commenting on the launch, Gravity Road creative director Nick Hearne said: “Taking the fluorescent language of the corner shop deal to the extreme was pure art directional joy. It shows that in this time of relentless visual bombardment, we might not even notice that the best deal is staring us right in the face...probably in big neon letters, flanked by inflatable wavy arm guys.”

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