Hovis reboots iconic 'Bike Ride' ad

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by Josh Hall

Hovis' 1973 ad 'The Bike Ride' is one of the most iconic spots in British advertising history - and now it's marking its return.

The company is rebooting the ad, originally directed by Ridley Scott, as it attempts to curry favour with a younger demographic.

The new creative premiered last night, and features footage remastered by the British Film Institute (BFI).

Meanwhile the soundtrack, Dvorak's 'New World Symphony', is played by descendents of the Ashington Colliery Band who played on the original ad.

The commission has reportedly guaranteed that the band will remain in operation in the coming years. Band secretary Trevor Herbertson told the Chronicle: "We did get paid, and the money will safeguard the band's future for at least two years."

Commenting on the premiere, Hovis marketing director Jeremy Gibson said: "At Hovis, we have always been about being real, honest people, with a passion for baking bread. The values of our brand have never been more relevant, so we decided to remaster and relaunch our ‘Boy on the bike’ advert. It represents the iconic, family-focused nature of Hovis that is at the heart of everything we do."

Robin Gibson, head curator at the BFI National Archive, added: ""The BFI is proud to have restored one of the most potent, popular and iconic films in British advertising history. ‘Boy on the bike’ is a mini-masterpiece of big, nostalgic emotion, but the original elements have been ravaged by time. It is now fully restored to its former glory for new generations to enjoy. It looks and sounds as good today as it did in 1973."

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