Diageo and MTV launch youth responsible drinking campaign

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by Josh Hall

Diageo has partnered with MTV to launch a campaign to encourage responsible drinking.

The 'Weekend Not Wasted' campaign looks to target MTV's audience of 18-24 year olds, focusing on both its social and TV followings.

The three-part video series features presenters Becca Dudley, Harriet Rose, and Samuel Eni, and will premiere on MTV's website, YouTube, and social channels.

The first episode also aired last night on MTV's localised TV channels.

Diageo worked with agency Just So to produce the campaign, which MTV says promotes drinking in moderation by depicting scenarios in which subjects are "seizing the moment."

Commenting on the launch, Diageo president Europe, Turkey, and India John Kennedy said: "It’s really important to us that young adults in Europe are informed and empowered to enjoy alcohol in a moderate and sensible way.

“In creating this campaign, we have married our unique marketing insight with the reach and influence of MTV to land the message that excessive consumption of alcohol can prevent you from achieving the most out of your day. This is a really exciting collaboration and we cannot wait to see the response.”

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