Designhouse serves up new identity for Dirty Beets

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by Mark Johnson

London-based brand agency Designhouse has partnered with global hospitality giant Delaware North on the delivery of the brand identity for their new 100 per cent vegetarian ‘fast-food’ offer, Dirty Beets. 

Serving high-quality vegetarian burgers and sweet potato fries, the concept is aimed at people on-the-go in fast footfall locations such as entertainment venues, sports arenas and travel hubs. 

The announcement comes as the UK Government’s Committee on Climate Change published its report on lowering greenhouse gas emissions, which urged people to eat less meat, among other considerations.

New York launch

The new brand launched in iconic department store, Macy’s, New York. The powerful, contemporary wordmark uses a customised version of Harbour Bold. 

The visual identity is based on a hand-drawn tattoo, refined and crafted to work in multiple applications. 

The various elements of the tattoo reflect the brand values and the product itself: wings represent purity and goodness; fire represents passion and energy; a heart represents love, kindness and good health; and leaves reflect all things vegetarian and the environment.

Tasty: Dirty Beets' new look from London's Designhouse

The colour palette features bold, energetic colours that support the strong statement being made by the brand. 

Dirty Beets has been established in response to the dramatic growth in popularity of plant-based foods in recent years. 

Growth in vegetarianism

In the UK, veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyle movements, with a 350 per cent increase in the last ten years to 2016, the company said. 

The movement is being driven by a younger demographic, suggesting that this trend is likely to grow in the future and become even more mainstream. 

Additionally, according to a January 2019 YouGov survey, a quarter of UK consumers are committed to reducing their meat consumption over the next year, primarily for health and environmental reasons. 

“The Dirty Beets customer has eclectic tastes in food, fashion and music and that’s what we’re tapping into – as well as making a powerful statement about the brand values and product”, said Lavinia Culverhouse, managing director at Designhouse. 

“We absolutely loved being involved in this project, which follows on from our work with another Delaware North brand, Prime Burger. 

“We feel sure that the Dirty Beets brand will go from strength to strength as more people choose to eat less meat, whether for ethical, environmental or health reasons.” 

The new Dirty Beets brand identity will now be introduced across packaging, menus, signage, uniforms and promotional merchandise.

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