Stylist Group launches women’s fitness studio

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by Josh Hall

Stylist Group, the publisher that owns titles including Stylist Magazine, is opening a brick-and-mortar women’s fitness studio in London.

The studio’s first location will open next month at the AllBright, the women’s-only members’ club in Mayfair.

The studio will be supported by a larger women’s fitness brand, called Stylist Strong, which Stylist Group chief executive Ella Dolphin said is being launched in response to what the company sees as “our biggest opportunity in the city with these women.”

Appearing at the Campaign Digital Media Strategies event, Dolphin said the move was inspired by a shift in interest amongst Stylist readers away from ‘thinness’ and towards ‘strength’.

“Body diversity is another huge thing which is affecting all our advertising,” Dolphin said. “This is a big demand from our consumers – that we reflect all body types in our images – and I think this will be one of the biggest changes in how brands talk to women.

“We have women standing up more, doing less step aerobics, wanting to be physically stronger – this imagery of skinny women in the corner eating salads is starting to change and you’re seeing these stronger body types coming through.”

Stylist Strong will be based on training programmes created by Nike training head Joslyn Thompson Rule. Commenting on the launch, she said: “I am both honoured and incredibly excited to be part of Stylist Strong. They have given me a platform to spread my passion – getting women unapologetically stronger. Women’s training is undergoing a refreshing and much-needed reboot on every level. This is just the beginning.”

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