Pepsi rows back on plans for “artificial constellation” ad in space

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by Josh Hall

A Russian company is planning to launch mini satellites into orbit in order to provide new advertising inventory in space.

StartRocket are developing “stratosphere advertisements” that reflect light from orbit back to the earth during dusk and evening times, and they are conducting their first “exploratory test” with giant PepsiCo.

It had initially been suggested that the Russian startup would partner with Pepsi for an entire campaign in support of its Adrenaline Rush energy drink. Now, however, the drinks giant say the trick is a one-off.

“We can confirm StartRocket performed an exploratory test for stratosphere advertisements using the Adrenaline GameChangers logo,” PepsiCo told Gizmodo. “This was a one-time event; we have no further plans to test or commercially use this technology at this time.”

StartRocket claims it can use mini satellites to beam advertising and information back to earth from orbit.

The startup suggests the technology could be used not only for corporate purposes but also as a public broadcast facility in the event of a catastrophe.

Its satellites will reportedly orbit earth at a distance of around 300 miles. StartRocket hopes to complete its first full-scale tests in 2021.

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