Not just any advertising campaign: M&S revives reverential style in new TV spots

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

Somehow, it's been 12 years since the last time you heard "This is not just food - this is M&S food" on your TVs, but now Marks and Spencer have brought it back.

The catchphrase, which embodied M&S's dedication to luxury and quality, and made all their food and drink products sound stylish, delectable, and irresistable through gravelly voicing and hyperbolic adjectives, remained strongly associated with the supermarket even in the decade or more it was out of use.

And now it's back with a new twist - in a Grey London-produced advert displaying "real" people overwhelmed by their Marks and Spencer meals, describing each component part in the same way. It's slightly, though noticeably different, to their former studio-shot ads.

The high-contrast slow-mo is back, as is the recognisable soundtrack - Fleetwood Mac's 'Albatross'.

M&S says "We are bringing back [the campaign] to the nation’s screens … but we’ve given it a makeover, keeping our trademark ‘food porn’ moments and adding a new twist to surprise and delight customers."

The advertising campaign launched on television screens this morning, and will run through Summer and beyond, with seasonal specials in addition.

The 'Not just food' campaign has always been a money-maker. According to Marketing Week, sales of a melting middle chocolate pudding jumped by 3,500% after being featured in an advert.

To coincide with the ad's launch, Marks and Spencer have introduced their 'Best Ever Trifle' - "the perfect ratio of custrd, cream, sponge and fruit".