Glimpse launches ‘April showers’ campaign that mirrors real weather

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by Josh Hall

Glimpse and not-for-profit We Are Ocean have launched an out-of-home campaign designed to highlight the link between urban populations and the ocean.

The billboard campaign features animations that change depending on global weather patterns.

Titled ‘The Sea Is The Sky’, the campaign was a winner in Ocean’s annual digital creative competition for OOH advertising.

When it’s raining outdoors, one of several animations are triggered, each of which depicts a “rich variety of marine life in an upside down world with the sea at the top and the sky below.”

We Are Ocean’s Dan Burgess said: “Most of us know the ocean is in trouble, but we live in inland cities, which feel worlds apart from the ocean.

“We love how this campaign uses something as everyday as rain to make the ocean tangible and improve ocean literacy; that is: understanding the ocean’s influence on us, and our influence on the ocean.”

Pete Ashworth, creative at Glimpse, said: “This campaign was a total collective effort, back from one of our hack days focusing on ocean literacy. Advertising steers culture and we can use that for good. Glimpse brings together great creatives to work on social and environmental causes and gets them to do what they do best – put a donk on things, to make people pay attention.”

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