Apple shows they're unafraid to poke fun at themselves in ad promoting collaborative capabilities

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by Charlie Spargo
Apple at Work - The Underdogs

Apple's longform advert 'Apple at Work - The Underdogs' shows a creative team coming together to design a prototype pizza box in the hopes of impressing a senior decision-maker.

They collaborate using AirDrop, FaceTime and other co-working solutions offered by Apple's portfolio of tech products in a witty and engaging spot lasting three minutes.

But the funniest part of an already genuinely humorous advert is that the round pizza box is, in fact, one of Apple's own products - albeit one that the general public didn't take to in the same way as the iPhone or MacBook.

True to form in rounding off sharp corners in any way they can, Apple have an official patent for the circular container. Apparently they have their own supply of pizza-shaped pizza boxes in-house, for use in their offices' canteens, otherwise known as 'Caffe Macs'.