Home Office campaign warns ‘it only takes one accident’ to start a fire

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by Keiligh Baker

A new eye-catching campaign by FCB Inferno for the Home Office highlights the everyday accidents that can cause fire in the home.

Overloading electrical sockets, leaving a frying pan on the hob unattended and putting an electrical heater too close to laundry are among the hazards shown in the revamped Fire Kills campaign.

Advertising will run across England on television, radio and online. Watch the clip here.

Minister for Policing and the Fire Service, Nick Hurd, said: "This hard-hitting campaign shows us how it only takes one small accident to start a devastating fire in your own home. Knowing the safety risks, the little mistakes we can all make, is key to preventing fires.

"Fire Kills has a long history of helping protect people from fire and we are proud to re-launch it."

The campaign, developed with the help of the National Fire Chiefs Council, also urges the public to test their smoke alarms. Previous Fire Kills campaigns focused on the importance of detecting fires, but the new advertising also places emphasis on prevention by highlighting fire risks around the home.

Sharon Jiggins, executive vice president at FCB Inferno, said: “We've created a campaign that focuses on preventative behaviours. By showing how easy it is for a fire to start and building the TVC around how quickly fire can escalate beyond our control, we want to make the public aware of the everyday risks in their home and change their behaviour as a result. We believe this will also be a powerful prompt to get people to test their smoke alarms.”