BBH's Pelle Sjoenell leaves for video games company

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by Josh Hall

BBH's worldwide chief creative officer has left the company after 12 years.

Pelle Sjoenell will depart for Activision Blizzard, the video game company behind titles including Call Of Duty and Overwatch, where he will work as chief creative officer.

Joakim Bergström, the chief creative officer at BBH's Singapore office, will replace Sjoenell at the agency.

Sjoenell said: “Activision and the future of gaming hits right where my dreams and passions have always lied. To pass this amazing baton to Jab feels so damn good. He’s someone I have looked up to and been inspired by throughout the years and I feel very confident that the Black Sheep will be in the hands of a great creative leader and shepherd.”

BBH’s global chief executive Neil Munn added: “Pelle has been with BBH for over a decade and has made a substantial contribution to our business in that time. He set up our thriving office in LA and has nurtured our accelerating presence across North America. Of course, you never want to lose a great leader, but we do so with excitement for what lies ahead in his next chapter, and a sense of pride in what he will go on to achieve.

“I am delighted that we are able to promote Jab into the Worldwide chief creative officer role. He is proven on the global stage and, after five years as a Black Sheep, is already a fine carrier of the BBH creative flag. Jab’s progressive view on creativity is sure to be an energising catalyst for the whole of our business.”