'90% of staff to quit' as Channel 4 moves out of London

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by Josh Hall

As many as 90 per cent of Channel 4's London staff are expected to take voluntary redundancy as the broadcaster moves its national headquarters away from the capital.

Channel 4 is beginning the process of rebalancing its presence across the country, moving into a new base in Leeds and two additional locations in Bristol and Glasgow.

The Guardian reports that Channel 4 is preparing for the move to cost at least £50 million.

The broadcaster is now prepared for the vast majority of London workers to take redundancy rather than move. By one estimate there would eventually be just 20 staff moving out of the capital.

With its '4 All The UK' strategy Channel 4 is following the lead of the BBC, which has established a new base in Salford's MediaCity.

In the BBC's case at least 60 per cent of employees refused to make the move out of London, with the figure higher amongst non-managerial staff.

A Channel 4 spokesperson said: "The 4 All the UK strategy is a transformational long-term investment in the future of Channel 4.

“It will enable Channel 4 to reach new stories, ideas and talent from across the UK that others are not able to, deliver new creative and commercial benefits for the organisation, and generate jobs and growth in the creative economy outside of London.”

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