Nodal brings freelancer recruitment to the blockchain

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by Josh Hall

Blockchain-based freelance marketplace Nodal launched in the UK today, with the aim of rethinking the relationship between freelancers and business recruiters.

The platform gives employers access to a pool of freelance talent, each member of which has had their skills verified by others in the industry.

For freelancers, meanwhile, Nodal uses blockchain-based ‘smart contracts’ to tackle the issues of late payment and scope creep that are constant complaints for the self-employed community.

Nodal is initially targeting the creative and VFX, and construction, property, and engineering sectors, where it says the challenges of skills verification and late payment are most severe.

Its UK launch is supported by a £250 million deal with a specialist recruiter. The platform has been developed with input from leading architectural design firm Foster & Partners, along with creative studio Access VFX and award-winning VFX company Union VFX.

Commenting on the launch, Nodal CEO and founder Oliver Hibbs-Brockway said: “Recruitment shouldn’t be about who you know – it should be about what you know.

“Hiring the right people is critical for businesses, yet recruitment remains inefficient – it’s lost any sense of trust. We built Nodal to cut wasted time and energy out of the recruitment process, streamlining it to ensure that everyone involved can get on with the job in hand.

“We must put employers and freelancers on an equal footing, to build relationships that start well and flourish. The freelance economy is here to stay.”

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