Giffgaff brings positive community campaign forward in response to coronavirus

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

With the support of agency Made By Blah, mobile network Giffgaff has sped up the release of a campaign focused on its community of users to bring people together during the coronavirus crisis.

The footage was filmed by Made By Blah in 2019 but scheduled for release closer to Christmas in 2020. It features people on streets across the UK sharing their views on a variety of different topics.

The agency suggested to Giffgaff that it would be better to line up the release of the community-focused content now following the outbreak of COVID-19 and the displays of unity displayed by people around the world, instead of the original schedule of releasing clips about The Voice, then the ones about refurbished phones.

Giffgaff's Head of Advertising, Abi Pearl, told Marketing WeeK: “It just felt so lovely hearing people talk about the importance of community and what it means, so we said, ‘Let’s try and get it out in a week. Take down all our refurbished phones TV ads and use this spot instead. Then make sure within our business we’re really holding ourselves to task and thinking about all those ways we can help to support our communities as well.'"

It was completed in only a week by Made By Blah, who helped Giffgaff bring the content to air in time, repurposed and relevant to the current crisis. There is no direct call to action, but Giffgaff hopes it will raise brand awareness and ensure goodwill.

The TV ad is supported by Giffgaff’s other activity on social and online. Portraits of the community are visible across social media, with tips on their website from 'work from home agents'.