Guinness continues campaign to keep drinking responsible during Six Nations

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

The 'Guinness Clear' campaign has continued for this year's Six Nations tournament, with a poster collection from AMV BBDO displayed in stadium toilets.

The lavatory ad campaign has been placed to capture the attention of drinkers enjoying matches who might have stopped off to relieve themselves before visiting the bar - and encourages the consumption of a bit more Guinness Clear; that is, water.

One reads "The average length between visits to the toilet varies... Try a couple of pints [of water] tonight. And then tomorrow morning. You can measure the difference."

Another ends with the line "Make it a night you'll remember. Not one you'd rather forget."

Niall McKee, Head of Guinness Western Europe, said: "The launch of Guinness Clear last year was a huge success and for this year’s Guinness Six Nations we are looking to ensure the idea and execution stays fresh."