We Are Social creates 'Unfair Advantage' for Adidas

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

To promote the release of the Predator 20 football boot, Adidas has launched the 'Unfair Advantage' series of long-form content, designed to celebrate the resilience of global football stars through adversity.

Created by We Are Social Sport with production from the agency's studios, it comprises a four-part series covering some of the biggest stars within the men’s and women’s games, the first of which has been released - featuring David Beckham.

Each video will see the sportsperson discuss some of the darkest and most challenging moments they've experienced in both their careers and lives, and how their dedication got them through.

The next three videos will be released on Adidas's YouTube and Instagram TV platforms in the coming weeks.

In Beckham's episode, he discusses the events of the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France, when England was knocked out of the competition by Argentina. He opens up about the red card he received in the World Cup, and how it motivated him - ultimately becoming the most successful English export for football.

Fabian Staudinger, Global Brand Marketing Manager at Adidas Football, said: “The Unfair Advantage series connects the [Predator] product to an authentic moment, resulting in a powerful and inspirational brand story. It is a bold and poignant piece of storytelling that we hope will inspire the next generation of athletes.”

Gareth Leeding, ECD at We Are Social, said: “We know the audience wants help turning from promising teenagers into pros. One of the lesser touched upon areas is the mental side of the game, and how you can use the challenges you face in your life as motivation to realise your objectives.

"We wanted to create a longer-form content series based on authentic player-led insights and editorial narratives that show how the world’s biggest football stars turned obstacles into their advantage. The dream is that David Beckham talking about how he overcame the darkest moment of his career will inspire a young footballer who might not know how to tackle something in their world.”