Utopia launches mental health division to be led by Emma Mainoo

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by Charlie Spargo

Culture-change business Utopia has recruited mental health trainer and advocate Emma Mainoo to lead its new mental health division.

The arm of the organisation, which helps businesses of all sizes create inclusive and productive cultures, aims to achieve three things: sustain the conversation around mental health in the workplace; foster inclusivity; and strengthen teams. It the practice will be relevant for to all levels of a businesses, from the most junior to C-suite.

Areas it will tackle include stigma, anxiety, depression, resilience and recovery, working with businesses to ensure workplace cultures are open to discussion and conducive to positive mental health.

Nadya Powell, Co-founder of Utopia, said: "Mental health in the workplace has, for the most part, been treated superficially. Yoga classes and a Wellness Wednesday doesn’t cut it - to enact meaningful change, businesses need to tackle the underlying causes of poor mental health.

"It means having difficult conversations and reconsidering how your business operates, but it’s what’s required to build meaningful, long-lasting strategies that work for everyone. Emma’s experience, knowledge and passion for positive mental health and self care make her the perfect person to lead our new practice.”

Emma Mainoo said: “Declining mental health in the workplace isn’t just because of the workload. It’s also the socio-political nature of the office that can leave people feeling isolated - people are often afraid to just say they’re struggling, let alone seek therapy.

"In that context, this practice isn’t just for the C-suite or juniors or finance workers. Like the rest of Utopia’s programmes, hacks, accelerates and more, it’s designed for everyone - everyone matters.”