Made By Blah launches Giffgaff's Your Voice campaign

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

Today (February 10th), Giffgaff has launched its newest TV campaign, 'Your Voice: Choose Refurbished', directed and conceived by London's Made By Blah.

The concept is intended to reflect the heart of what Giffgaff is about, their members. In 2020, the network has given people a platform in the form of a literal soapbox to share their view, and why they 'choose refurbished' over a new phone.

The 20-second spot airs today and features real mobile users explaining why they personally have chosen not to buy a new phone, but instead chosen refurbished. The campaign is supported by outdoor, social and digital activities. 

Notably, all the content for the advertising campaign was filmed on Giffgaff refurbished phones.

Abi Pearl, Giffgaff Head of Advertising, said: “Reusing an existing phone and refurbishing it back to life is by nature a more sustainable option when buying a phone. In speaking with people up and down the country and sharing their opinions about what swayed their choice, we can help more people 'choose refurbished' in the future. It's a small step towards sustainability, but it's a start."

Jim Townsend, Co-founder of Made by Blah, said: “In 2019 giffgaff gave you a choice. In 2020 giffgaff gives you a voice. As the network is run by its members, why wouldn’t you make them the heroes of the campaign?"