Leading Croatian media agency appoints Permutive

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by Josh Peachey

A Farringdon-based data management platform has been appointed by the largest media company in Croatia, 24sata and Njuskalo - part of Styria Croatia Group - to increase its targetable inventory and drive personalised advertising. 

Permutive, claims to be the only publisher data platform built on edge computing and helps companies grow data-driven ad revenue. 

Their platform will allow 24sata and Njuskalo to have full control over its own first-party data with 100% visibility of its audience allowing analysis, segmentation and effective content and advertising targeting.

Joe Root, CEO and co-founder at Permutive, said: “It’s exciting to be working with one of the largest media companies in Europe at a time when publishers are needing more control over some of the most valuable first-party data in the ecosystem.

"With the recent announcement that Google Chrome will be restricting third-party cookies by 2022, it’s now more crucial than ever that publishers put the right strategy in place to deliver data-driven ads across their inventory.”

Permutive considers BuzzFeed, The Stylist Group, Business Insider and Condé Nast among its clients.

By appointing Permutive, 24sata and Njuskalo is hoping to better understand its audience whilst also driving revenue across its portfolio which includes the likes of 24stata, missZdrava and gastro.hr.

Zoran Turkovic, COO & Board Member at 24stata, said: “We are living in a privacy-first world and with the demise of the third-party cookie, we needed a partner to help us continue to deliver the in-depth insights on our audience that advertisers are hungry for.” 

With many digital solutions being built for marketers, Permutive distinguishes itself by seeking to aid the challenges that specifically publishers face from the likes of Facebook and Google.