Havas London crafts campaign for eco-friendly Air Wick range

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

In its first campaign since regaining the Air Wick account, Havas London has launched a new integrated campaign for Botanica, the home fragrance specialist's new, responsibly sourced range.

Botanica is intentionally crafted with fewer and a higher quality of naturally derived ingredients, contains no phthalates or dyes, and utilises minimal packaging. Havas London has introduced the tagline 'Grown by Nature' for the product.

Its campaign spans TV, cinema, digital and OOH. It will feature lush natural backgrounds and a line-up of the star ingredients in the Botanica range, like pineapple, rosemary and lavender, to promote the product from Air Wick, part of consumer goods company RB.

Elliot Harris, RB Executive Creator Director and Creative Partner at Havas London, said: “It was time someone freshened up - no pun intended - the air care category. Gone are the expected conventions, replaced instead with this rich, textured, sensory world that brings these fragrances and their natural origins to life. Air Wick exists to connect people to nature, so what better way to communicate that than through nature itself?”

Chris Dunne, Category Manager at RB, said: “This innovative new range - uniquely sourced and packaged in a way that respects the planet - is our largest and most significant product launch in a number of years. And like the product itself, Havas’ marketing campaign really stands out against the competition. It captures the essence and origin of the Botanica range perfectly.”