Acne creates global campaign for eCommerce giant

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo

Global creative agency Acne has created a global campaign promoting streetwear from Zalando, the eCommerce platform.

The agency, with offices in Stockholm, London, Berlin, Paris and Tokyo, created the campaign with the strapline 'It's what you do. Or don't', emphasising streetwear's expectation-defying nature.

It's based on a recent surge in popularity among the current generation of young adults, who are changing the rules and making an impact through clothing. The campaign takes the form of a film series following following some of the biggest streetwear names in Europe.

Daniel Wall, Senior Creative at Acne, said: “Streetwear has always been quite schizophrenic, but for Gen Z it’s more like that than ever. It’s a mish-mash of nostalgia and contemporary, new and thrifted, luxury with casual, all at the same time.”

“It’s about the beautiful contradiction of the streetwear attitude. Be ugly, be bold, be weird. Or don’t. Be pretty, be cool, be completely undefined. Or don’t.”