BrandContent distributes sanitary products in response to "sluggish" government response

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by Charlie Spargo

An agency has hit back at the government's slow reaction to period poverty, after it was announced in today's budget that VAT on sanitary products would be abolished from 2021.

London- and Cardiff-based PR and content agency BrandContent is giving free tampons to all its staff, to highlight the government's ‘sluggish’ response.

The agency says the announcement - made today by Chancellor Rishi Sunak - doesn’t go far enough, and continues to ignore the problem's root cause which is gender discrimination.

From tomorrow (March 12th), BrandContent staff will have access to free organic sanitary products, and employees will be reimbursed for the cost of purchasing a menstrual cup.

Sharon Flaherty, CEO of BrandContent, said: “As a female-led business where the majority of our team are women who menstruate, it doesn’t seem right to stand by and watch our team be penalised simply for having periods. We’re taking matters into our own hands and giving free tampons to everyone at BrandContent because frankly, the government’s response to abolishing tampon tax is lacklustre.

“Women are already paid less than men, so why are they being penalised further by having to pay over the odds for sanitary products? Over a woman's lifetime, we will shell-out £5,000 on sanitary products. It’s just an added financial cost women have to bear which only serves to widen the gap in disposable income between men and women.

“Following today’s budget, and at a time when we expect people to come under mounting financial pressure due to the impact of the coronavirus, companies should be doing all they can to support their employees.”