Companies put innovation skills first when hiring

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by Mark Johnson

As the race for businesses to innovate gathers apace, companies are increasingly looking to employ candidates who demonstrate having an innovative mindset. 

That's according to research from London-based brand and innovation consultancy Fearlessly Frank, which found that two in five (40 per cent) business leaders believe this skill to be the most valuable in today’s workplace followed by the relevant work experience (22 per cent), qualifications (17 per cent), problem-solving skills (12 per cent) and communication skills (10 per cent).

The vast majority (96 per cent) of business leaders agree that innovation is very important to a business’s future success - yet a fifth (22 per cent) cite a lack of talent as being the biggest barrier to innovation efforts within their firms. 

Direct impact

This is having a direct impact on their hiring practices with nine out of ten business leaders agreeing that having an innovative mindset is important when making their hiring decisions - with 44 per cent citing this as being very important.

“With nearly every industry feeling the sharp threat of disruption, continuous innovation is increasingly being regarded as a necessity that no business can afford to ignore”, said Ben Little, Founder and Director, Fearlessly Frank commented: 

Sharp threat: Fearlessly Frank's founder Ben Little says change is afoot

“Today’s business leaders are increasingly looking for talent that can come up with disruptive and game-changing ideas over and above other criteria that have held true for years and the race for talent is being as keenly felt as the race to innovate.”

The majority (84 per cent) of business leaders polled believe this training should start in the classroom and that schools should be doing more to equip students with the skills they need to think outside of the box.

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