Seeing Machines partners with leading Australian insurer

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London-listed AI transport safety firm, Seeing Machines, has partnered with National Transport Insurance (NTI), a leading Australian specialist insurer, to develop mutually beneficial programs to promote the Group's Guardian solution to NTI policyholders.

Developed specifically for the Australian market, NTI and Seeing Machines will establish a range of programs to promote the benefits of Guardian, the Group's Fleet solution that detects fatigue and distraction related driver events in real time, to complement a range of road safety improvements, the firm said in a stock market statement. 

The launch of this initiative follows the release of the NTI Crash Report at the Australian Trucking Association's annual conference in Perth on Thursday 4 April.

NTI has a major share of the Australian commercial fleet insurance market and will partner with Seeing Machines to provide their clients with a range of differentiated commercial offerings. 

Collaborative approach

The partnership will extend to a collaborative approach around the interrogation of an extensive naturalistic driving data set, collected by Seeing Machines, with a view to extracting key insurance and risk related statistics and insights.

"As the country's number one truck insurer, NTI is committed to the safety and long-term sustainability of Australia's transport & logistics industry, said Christopher Hogarty, Chief Customer Officer at NTI.

"From small, regional owner operators to multi state fleets, we work to build stronger, safer businesses - a value also deeply ingrained in what Seeing Machines do. 

Unique offering

“We have entered into an exclusive partnership with Seeing Machines to develop a unique insurance offering which promotes Guardian, their market-leading and life-saving technology.

"Together, we are looking beyond building workplaces that have safety policies & procedures in place and are now venturing into new territory that utilises real-time, reactive safety technology to manage driver distraction and fatigue.

“Our partnership also opens the gateway to research opportunities, data collaboration, a better understanding of what it means to be a heavy vehicle operator in Australia, and most importantly - improved safety for all road users."

Paul McGlone, GM Fleet at Seeing Machines added "Guardian is a safety technology that is already deployed in over 14,000 commercial vehicles worldwide, keeping drivers and their communities safe.

"Seeing Machines works closely with insurers in several countries today. Partnering with NTI in Australia will open up significant opportunities to accelerate growth in our Fleet business locally and create new information based collaboration and services. 

“We are delighted to be working with NTI who, like Seeing Machines, are focused on customer service as well as road safety."

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