AMV BBDO to create Air Quality Index campaign

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by Mark Johnson

London advertising agency AMV BBDO said it working with Central Office of Public Interest to create a series of air quality ads across the capital.

COPI campaign is being paid for in part by a major new crowdfunding effort, which is almost halfway to raising £50,000 for the campaign to tackle the UK’s toxic air pollution crisis.

The British Lung Foundation and King’s College London is teaming up with the Central Office of Public Interest (COPI) to create a simple Air Quality Index. 

This will allow anyone, to know the levels of air pollution outside their front door with data from that’s accurate to 20sqm. This will initially focus on London, with the aim to roll out to the rest of the country in the near future.

Air Quality Index

The Air Quality Index will be similar to the now-mandatory Energy Efficiency Rating. People will simply enter their postcode on a website to get a report for their address and be presented with the associated health risks. It’s then possible to read, edit and send an automatically generated letter to your local MP, demanding local action.

COPI aims to ensure the Air Quality Index becomes part of all future HomeBuyer reports and with estate agents for the Air Quality Index to be included on property listings. This will allow potential home buyers to weigh up actual costs of buying homes with the potential risk to their health from the air pollution around it.

The campaign, created in partnership with London ad agency AMV BBDO, will also feature ads across the capital’s streets, showing the air quality in a variety of locations with a message demanding more action be taken by the authorities.

Humphrey Miles, founder of COPI, explained: “It doesn’t feel like anyone is trying to deal with air pollution. This campaign will make air pollution impossible to ignore, and really push it into the mainstream of public awareness. 

“This is something that affects all of us, and this is why a movement is needed to draw attention to it.”

This will be the second campaign by the Central Office of Public Interest (COPI), a collective comprised of academics, advertising and film industry figures, musicians and more, to raise public awareness of the severity of the problem.

COPI hopes the campaign will have the same kind of credibility and impact as a central government public information campaign - as there’s a total lack of an official campaign from parliament on the issue, which many feel is a national emergency.

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