Inventors of new coding language move into Sharp Project

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by Stephen Chapman

Aucoda, the inventors of a new coding language, called Au, have taken an office in The Sharp Project as they seek to develop their business.

Founded by Dr Raj Curwen and Stuart Melhuish, the company is seeking to modernise development for the next generation of software developers, by helping novices become experts.

They say that Au makes it simple and fast to develop cross platform, full stack and robust applications, as well as cutting down training and development time.

“We want to revolutionise development across the world by allowing novice developers to produce the code an expert would have written, and as a result make development more accessible and faster - allowing companies to save time and cost and get products to market more easily and quickly,” explained Dr Raj Curwen, Aucoda CTO.

He said that Au was the “most advanced and mature examples of Automated coding on the planet.”

“We are not aware of anybody that provides automated coding within a full development environment with built in de-bugging and deployment that novice developers can learn to use in two weeks.”

Melhuish added:

“The Sharp Project is ideal for us. We are located alongside other growing enthusiastic digital, technology and creative companies who may themselves have a need for our technology. We want to attract young people to work for and with our company – The Sharp Project’s culture also supports that.”

The company has taken a “Gold” office space at Sharp and will be announcing its first hackathon shortly.