Heinz is the most positively perceived brand among women for the second year running

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by Josh Peachey

New YouGov data released today shows that Heinz has topped the 2020 Women’s Rankings for the second year running.

Heinz leading performance follows the brand’s 150th birthday and a £12 million EMEA marketing campaign, “150 Years of Clean Plates”. With a score of 56.5 the iconic food processing company added 2.7 points to its 2019 score to lead an otherwise close-run top ten.

The rankings show the brands with the highest net impression scores among British female adults.

YouGov’s BrandIndex Women’s Rankings are compiled by asking women aged over 18 if they have a positive or negative impression of a certain brand. 

Scores are net scores that are calculated by subtracting the percentage of negative responses from the percentage of positive responses.

Commenting on the research, Amelia Brophy, Head of UK Data Products said: “Yet again Heinz proves they know the power of a heritage brand and clever marketing in order to take first place in our 2020 Women’s Rankings. Their 150th birthday marketing campaign drew attention to the brands longevity and played on customer’s nostalgia of purchasing the brand’s products throughout their lives – a powerful marketing tool. 

Netflix and Uber are among the most improved brands according to surveyed women.

Brophy added: “The two brands which have seen the highest improvements in perception among women are both companies which challenged a well-established industry. Netflix’s high placing demonstrates the brand’s continued astronomical climb from small brand to main-staple streaming platform over the years. 

"Uber’s second-place suggests their continued focus on changes made to confront safety issues within their business has been recognised by women.”

IKEA (55.9) and Boots (55.1) take second and third place, with IKEA overtaking Boots with a 3.7 point increase. Similarly Marks & Spencer (52.8) also overtakes John Lewis (52.7) to take fourth place with a 1.4 point increase on 2019.

New entries to the top ten this year include payment provider Visa in sixth place (52.3) and tenth-placed the Royal Mail (50.4), pushing BBC One and BBC iPlayer out the rankings.

The rankings also show the brands which have improved their perception among women the most in the last 12 months, with Netflix taking first place with a significant improvement of +10.1 points. This follows a year of 24 Oscar nominations and original content for the streaming platform.

In second place is Uber, which focused a large proportion of its 2019 advertising on highlighting in-app safety features and driver vetting. This could have played a factor in its +7.4 point impression increase among women.