Email twice as popular with consumers than any other marketing channel

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by Josh Peachey

Email is twice as popular than any other marketing channel with consumers, according to the latest research from Data & Marketing Association.

The DMA, supported by Pure360, delved into consumers’ perceptions, preferences and dislikes when it comes to email, in their latest survey - the Consumer Email Tracker 2020.

The data garnered from over 2,000 respondents reveals that email remains the most popular channel across a range of contexts and the number of people that prefer email is almost twice as much as any other channel: 46% stated this compared to 26% for post, and 24% for either text or face-to-face.

In late 2019, consumers estimated the number of emails they receive, on average, as 54.9 per week to their personal inboxes, down from 73.3 in 2017. Around half of respondents (56%) also believe more than half of these emails are marketing messages from brands.

“It’s clear from our findings that email remains at the heart of brands’ ability to communicate with customers, but they also highlight key areas where marketers can improve, such as relevancy and frequency of contact,” said Tim Bond, Head of Insight at the DMA. “Whether they’re considering a purchase, have just made one or need some help, our latest findings showcase email’s ability to help brands engage across the customer journey.”

Komal Helyer, VP of Marketing, Pure360, said: “What’s clear is that email marketing remains core to the multi-channel experiences available to brands. These latest figures highlight how consumers believe email to be the best channel in a range of different contexts, and as a marketing communications channel, it continues to provide brands with a unique opportunity to create valuable and meaningful experiences for consumers.”