Unilever to stop marketing certain products to children

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by Josh Peachey

Food giant Unilever has promised to stop marketing its products to children amidst rising obesity rates.

It vowed to limit the use of cartoon characters in its advertising and stop using social media influencers "who primarily appeal" to children.

Adverts for Unilever brand ice creams, such as Twister, Max, and Paddle Pop, will be the first to change under the new rules. 

Unilever plans to make these changes firm's products by the end of 2020, kicking off with its Wall's ice cream brands.

Wall's will also launch a range of "responsibly made" products for children that contain "no more than 110 calories and a maximum of 12g of sugar per portion".

Matt Close, Executive VP of the firm's global ice cream business, said: "Our promise is a genuine commitment to make and market products to children responsibly."

Announcing the changes online, Unilever said: This promise is based on three pillars, designed to help parents and caregivers when choosing products for their children: Responsibly Communicated, Responsibly Sold and Responsibly Developed."