4 Roads, Kulestar and others create app to improve vital communication between crisis healthcare workers

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by Josh Peachey

Four teams of developers have worked round the clock to develop a ‘Call 4 Help’ app that will help NHS staff communicate more effectively during the coronavirus crisis.

NHS staff, especially non-ICU staff, have been struggling to share information effectively during the COVID-19 crisis, leading to the loss of potentially life-saving personal protective equipment (PPE) and a shortage of critical care beds.

Four companies - 4 Roads, Kulestar, Concept Softworks and CK Alpha - suspended all commercial activity to work round the clock to develop an app to solve the problem.

The app allows hospital staff to get teams to the right parts of hospitals, ensure the quick delivery of ventilators, masks and medication, and enables the creation and distribution of video and audio clips so doctors and nurses can share advice and request information.

The app is being rolled out at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn, with a view to rolling out to all NHS hospitals nationwide. It may also be used in hospitals abroad.

Dr Peter Young, an NHS anaesthetist and intensivist, specifically asked for the app to be built, saying it would literally "save lives". He added that it was "fantastic" to see how quickly the companies involved had developed the iOS and Android app.

A mock-up of the app

A total of 21,092 deaths from COVID-19 have now been reported in hospitals across the UK to date.

Robert Nash, Managing Director at 4 Roads, said: “The team have been remarkable and have all stepped up to the plate.

“We hope this alleviates some of the communication challenges within the NHS during the Covid-19 crisis.”

Luke Briggs, a senior developer who works at 4 Roads and also contracts through KuleStar and Concept Works, introduced Nash to the project. He said: “When I was contacted to see if I could help, it was very clear that it was needed and needed quickly.

“Over 50 volunteers all around the world got on board to help create this project in an incredibly tight timeframe, and we did it together. Team spirit and working together are absolutely alive and well. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who stepped up and pitched in.”

The developers added that no NHS patient data will be used in any of the data, clips and videos.