Tesco opens first permanent cashless store in London

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by Josh Peachey

Following the supermarket giant's first cashless store in Hertfordshire, Tesco has now opened the same service in central London.

Planned as a permanent store, the Tesco in Holborn will accept a variety of electronic payment methods via self-service tills.

The outlet offers consumers the option to pay via contactless cards, debit and credit cards, Apple Pay and Tesco Pay+, but does not accept notes or coins.

The store has 14 till points, only two of which are staffed, to help with purchases of cigarettes and alcohol. 

It is also minutes away from where Sainsbury's trialled the UK’s first till-free supermarket where supermarkets paid by smartphone. 

Sainsbury's till-free supermarket was abandoned in September due to low up-take.

Supermarkets including Waitrose and the Co-op have launched or trialled apps that allow shoppers to pay using a mobile phone.

There is speculation that Amazon plans to open Go shops in the UK after announcing store locations in over 20 US locations.