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Kagool are growing.

Why? Because we love what we do, clients like working with us and the chances are so will you.  What’s Kagool?  Kagool is an award-winning digital agency and top tier, Sitecore Platinum Partner with offices in the heart of Cardiff, Manchester and London. We’ve earned a reputation as a go-digital partner for complex projects and have some impressive credentials within the Sitecore community.  When it comes to customers, we work with some well-known global brands, as well as some closer to home such as a not-for-profit waste and water company, top UK soft drinks manufacturer, a leading automotive retailer and award-winning independent law firm (to name a few) 

Who’s Kagool?  

We’re a team of 65 individuals (and counting!) who have a few things in common – a love of tech, an eye for design and a whole lot of pride. As a collective we’re known as ‘Kagoolies’. We’re a bright, vibrant, passionate bunch. We love to learn and we’re encouraged to do so. Every individual who joins our business has their very own development programme, which includes becoming Sitecore certified within the first six months of joining.  Sharing knowledge, the odd joke and even our problems is the key to our success. And when we’ve earnt that success, we celebrate! Whether that’s a team pub lunch, a Beer and Doughnuts party or a canoeing trip down the River Wye.  We work in a fun, fast paced environment, taking an agile approach to all projects. The majority of our work is delivered within three to six-month cycles, meaning you’ll always have the opportunity to work on new and exciting tasks.  

Our devs are the champions of what we do. Everyone in the team has a minimum of three years’ development experience and either has or is working towards their Sitecore certifications. Out of the 20 technical Sitecore MVP’s in the UK, we have four on our team. Not only do we know our stuff, but we’re more than happy to share it. We’re not just good at the fundamentals of development, we’re forward thinking. We’re always looking to the future, such as developments in machine learning, AI and DS.  We pride ourselves on delivering high quality solutions and, in order to be on top of our game, we know how important a good work-life balance is. As an eclectic mix of individuals, we like everything from walking, surfing, gaming and cycling, to banjo playing and flying gliders. Which definitely keeps after-work-drinks conversations interesting. 

Are you a Kagoolie?  

If the below sounds like something that you would say we are pretty sure you’d fit right in.  

• I’m a well-rounded individual who is creative, communicative and can write some pretty awesome code  

• Programming in C# .net is second nature to me.  

• .Net Core 2, and cloud based architectures such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud are of interest to me  

• I don’t mind working on legacy systems but I’d love to learn to use the latest versions of the language.  

• I already think  

o Sitecore is pretty awesome, OR  

o I’m not sure what Sitecore is but I’d be keen to know more  

• I’m a developer 

o I’m great at coding but I can step back, take a look the bigger picture and pick the right pattern to solve the problem  OR

o I’m great at coding but my passion lies in fixing problems  

o I’m a full-stack developer with a backend focus  

• I’m proactive, I can take accountability and I have a desire to learn  

• I want to work for a respectable agency where my work is viewed by millions of users everyday  

• I’d love my voice to be heard, not just by my peers but by external stakeholders  

• I prefer creatively solving problems to implementing prescribed solutions  

What would you do as a Kagoolie?  

From day one, you’ll be a part of the team. Firstly, you’ll meet with your manager, we’ll introduce you to your team and make sure you know where to turn for support while you get settled. We’ll share with you the Kagool story so far, our rules (we have to have a few) and get you the tools you need to get started.  Having met the wider team and settled in, you’ll be introduced to our client profile. You’ll work with everyone, including product owners, backend developers, frontend developers, designers, solution architects, QAs and project leads to deliver multiple projects at any one time.  You’ll be involved in the full project lifecycle, from initial specification through to delivery.

As well as working closely with your project team, you’ll travel to client sites, where you’ll be expected to share your work and ideas with those at C level.  Your typical day will start with a SCRUM. In these short daily stand-up meetings, you’ll update the team on project progress you’ve made, any blockers you may be facing and discuss your goals for the day ahead. You’ll normally be working to deliver a complete feature - something that’s valuable in its own right to the client. You’ll need other people to help you get this feature complete. But by working together, you’ll quickly see the fruits of your labour. You may have a few problems to solve along the way. But then again, this is why you joined! You’re a natural problem-solver and enjoy finding creative solutions.  

You may like to whistle while you work, but most of us prefer our Sonos system – the office juke box. The typical day ends with your work being promoted up to a QA environment for testing. So, you can head home proud to have built something tangible and useful.    Not only will you be given the opportunity to become Sitecore certified, we’ll support you in working towards MVP status if you fancy it. We’ll encourage you to engage the wider Sitecore community and develop your professional skillset by attending knowledge-sharing user groups, conferences and events. Once fully engrained within the business, you could even attend major events overseas in places like Florida, Vegas, Amsterdam, and Berlin. 

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