Emma Ellinson

By the time I left school I knew I wanted to do two things. Write and edit video. Lucky for me then, that I would find a career that allowed me to not only do both of these things, but flex my creativity in a number of other ways as well.

The short version of my career history is that I went to University to learn about video editing, then started freelance writing and learning how to market with social media.

This personal interest turned into my first proper long-term freelance gig at Disrupt Media. After that I moved on to Mapway as a Social Media Executive, then after a year and a half I was promoted to Marketing Executive.

Writing and social media have both been a major part of my work for more than 5 years. I've worked with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr and even the much-missed Vine. Through this time I've stayed up-to-date with the latest trends and changes to get the most out of each platform. I've learned to market effectively with both paid promotion and organic reach.

I've been writing articles and blogs for longer than I've been doing social media. In my position at Mapway, I would use SEO techniques and cover subjects that our core audience would find interesting. Thanks to this, the Mapway website saw steady growth in visitor numbers and helped to convert users to download the Mapway transport apps.

At Mapway I also had the opportunity to grow my video editing skills. I was tasked with making the app preview videos that would sit in a prominent position on the app stores, promoting the apps.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Experienced with SEO practices
  • Content writing at a strategic level
  • Copywriting for web, social media and UX messaging
  • Leading marketing projects
  • Award proposal writing
  • Photo editing with Photoshop and Canva
  • Video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut
  • Editing podcasts in Audacity
  • Preparing a book for self-publication in digital and print
  • Experience managing others in social media and marketing

Previous Work Experience

2014 – 2018 Marketing Executive (Promoted from Social Media Executive)    mxData/ Mapway

  • Managing all Social Media accounts on Sprout Social
  • Writing promotional and informative copy for pages on Mapway.com
  • Writing articles for the Mapway blog using SEO practices
  • Relationship management with Google
  • Editing app preview videos in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Video production to promote new features to Apple
  • Photo editing with Photoshop and Canva to create promotional images on social media
  • Leading marketing and app development projects within the business
  • Developing and running competitions
  • Writing copy for use in the apps 

2013 – 2014 Social Media Analyst    DISRUPT Media   U.S. (Online based - freelance)

  • Managing multiple accounts on Hootsuite and Sprout Social
  • Creating effective content for Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Vine
  • Writing posts designed for engagement and reach
  • Managing the company blog and writing regular content
  • Working with Photoshop, PicMonkey and Canva for image editing
  • Managing other staff writers
  • Discussing new approaches to social media
  • Working with clients to decide their goals and create stories

2013 On-site Video Editor   MCMBuzz (for the MCM London Comic Con)

  • Editing videos for use on YouTube
  • Worked at fast pace to have videos on the day
  • Converting and working with multiple file types 

Other Works and Volunteering

In addition to my work experience I have also done the following in my own time.

  • Written and self-published a fantasy novel
  • Recorded and edited a travel vlog video for YouTube
  • Recorded and edited a book podcast

In 2017 I volunteered with Street Support, a homelessness charity, providing them with marketing and communications help. This is as part of their monthly Homelessness Hackathons in Manchester.