Eji Osigwe

Freelance web developer whose skills include WordPress, Magento and CakePHP. As well as designing/developing modern and responsive websites I develop the technical processes of fulfilling a project's output and maintenance.

This means looking at and implementing the technologies developers will use to produce the work, establishing milestones and when they will be met, working with designers to ensure practical design, and planning solutions for ongoing maintenance.

My experience includes working with various technologies and frameworks (WordPress, Magento, CakePHP, etc.), developing a well-reviewed WordPress plugin and sitting as Design and Development Head for a small digital agency.

It's massively important that the person running your web project is business savvy on some level. Knowing how to design for purpose is an important skill when it comes to hitting targets. Understanding targets and budgets and plans and objectives are my thing (I actually run a small theatre company on the side myself), and I implement this knowledge and experience in all of the work I undertake.

Some work I've taken on in the past:

https://cedarwood.digital: Brand, Design, Development

https://www.themarsden.co.uk: Planning, Development

https://creamstp.com: Development

DevBuddy Twitter Feed: Personal project