What I've Learnt Features

In our weekly What I've Learnt features, we quiz senior industry leaders on their illustrious careers. In these pieces, you'll discover both pearls of wisdom and hidden secrets from the careers of London's key figures.

Neal Archbold

Neal Archbold recently joined design and innovation agency Big Radical as Head of Innovation and Strategy, where he will be leading on product and service development.

Danny Turnbull

Danny Turnbull is Stein IAS's Managing Director. Danny has more than 20 years of experience in B2B marketing, and works at the head of Stein IAS as they support their clients through strategic planning, digital transformation and creative services.

Liz Hopkins

Liz Hopkins is Board Director at Better Placed. From their London office, she focuses on placing only the best candidates in middle to senior marketing roles across the region.

Jeremy King

The first What I've Learnt for Prolific London comes from Jeremy King, CEO and founder of Attest, the Southwark-based market and brand intelligence agency.


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