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Sam Jones, the founder of Gener8, has shown more than 1,000,000 NHS & Stay at Home ads to his users free of charge, despite having lost £1.5m investment at the last minute due to Covid-19.

Rachel Forde, UK CEO at UM, argues that although there will undoubtedly be winners and losers across agencyland following COVID-19, change doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing - with working from home serving as a fertile test-bed for innovation and new working models.

Kelly Double, Acting Head of PR and Content at Ingenuity, has some sage advice for agencies: don't go quiet. Try out new ideas and focus on what's worked before, and keep communicating to make it through!

As a veteran of two major recessions - and potentially a third - Casey Harwood has learned some valuable things about navigating a business through challenging times.

Liz Richardson, Managing Director and Partner at transformative communications agency HeyHuman, talks about how the COVID-19 crisis is changing the world of experiential marketing.

Inside and outside the creative community, people have been expressing their creativity through challenging times in a multitude of ways. Wunderman Thompson's Strategy Director, Will Humphrey, explores the boom in creativity we're seeing everywhere.

An expert in fake news, Reece Jackson has worked with government departments to understand how it spreads online.

Jimmy Robinson, Co-founder of PingPong Digital - which helps brands reach consumers in China - offers a unique perspective on how social media tech in the region is keeping China communicating, and asks if the West could learn lessons after lockdown and implement the same concepts of wide-ranging apps encompassing work and play.

Emma Robertson, CEO of ENGINE Transformation, shares her tips for sellers to help improve their eCommerce success - and not just survive the current challenging period, but be ready for success once it's over.

Co-founder of DLMDD, Max De Lucia, talks about his company's struggles to find a recording studio and the solution they found.


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