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Nikolas Kairinos, CEO and Founder of Fountech.ai, talks about how AI is adopting gender bias from a male-dominated industry, and what can be done to fix this.

Mark Loftus, Founder and CEO of CharacterScope, takes a look at the balance between growth and company culture. Here, he details how a successful startup should get the best from both.

Jack Meggitt-Phillips

Jack Meggitt-Phillips, host and co-producer of The History of Advertising Podcast, which looks back at the stories behind some of the nation’s favourite ads, challenges the idea that advertising restrictions will stifle creativity.

Ines Casas, eight&four

Ines Casas, head of social at creative and media agency eight&four, makes it clear that cosmetics retailer Lush's decision to pack in their social media activity doesn't hold water

Mark Jennings, Subba Media

Mark Jennings is CEO of Subba Media, which he set up with the aim of disrupting the publishing market. Subba-Cultcha, run by Subba Media, is a fan-generated music and festival reviews platform. Mark tells us what aspirational business leaders can learn from the most well-known musicians in the industry

Wochit is a video creation platform for media companies and brands looking to expand audience engagement through the power of video. Dror Ginzberg, a co-founder and the CEO of Wochit, looks at changing trends in marketing and looks to what video can do to help you build a brand.

Garry Keith, London Business Development Manager at R&D tax relief specialist Jumpstart says the capital’s young startups should make sure they don’t miss out on a valuable tax credit they are entitled to.

In the aftermath of of the tragic Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max jet crash last week, communications expert, Guy Corbet, believes that US aircraft maker Boeing appeared to be trying to win the wrong argument.

Oliver Morrison, CEO at Filter Digital believes there is a way to maximise the marketing potential of streaming video for sports teams.

Paul Domenet, Partner and Creative Communications Director of Free The Birds, talks about the importance of authenticity in a world dominated by spin and miscommunication.


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