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Chris Doggart, Head of Client Success EMEA at George P. Johnson, knows that after a successful pitch, there's often a bit of a crash on both sides. Here are his tips for making sure you hit the ground running and keep up momentum.

Paul Rowlinson

It's a fight for budget allocation, and marketers need to prove their worth. But today, says Paul Rowlinson, Managing Director of GroupM Digital UK, there are modern tools they can use to solve the age-old issue of measuring the impact of ad spend - as long as they're willing to update their methods.

Rodney Laws, the Editor of Ecommerce Platforms, speaks about how every company should consider incorporating a remote working strategy...

Vincent Soucaret, Xandr

Principal Solutions Consultant at Xandr, Vincent Soucaret, says the future's bright for on-screen advertising. Advanced TV is here, with streaming, VOD and connected features, and it creates a new world of opportunity.

The Wunderman Thompson Duracell team share their thoughts on why mascots are still a good option for brands...

Jason Gossett, Digital Strategy Director at Reprise - IPG Mediabrands' digital-first agency - address the challenges that exist within the AI market for companies and brands who are trying to innovate in this area, and why it matters in the advertising sector.

Liz Richardson, managing partner at behavioural communications agency HeyHuman, explains that problems with measurement has led many brands to only focus on reach, not engagement. But if experiential marketing wants to be taken seriously, something needs to change.

James Withey, FutureBrand

On Black Friday, James Withey, Head of Strategy at FutureBrand, looks at the increasingly polarised responses companies have towards the event, and the opportunity for brands to be doing more.

Ken Price, Blake Mill

Ken Price, Founding Partner at Blake Mill, takes a look at how tech and eCommerce are revolutionising the nature of the fashion sector, and why it's so important that modern businesses are aware of their power.

Sharon Whale, OLIVER UK

Sharon Whale, UK Group CEO at OLIVER UK, has a challenge to businesses - is what you're doing actually agile, or are you just doing more damage than good? Shortcuts are not agility - here's how you actually achieve this holy grail of marketing practices.


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